Franc is an affordable IT services company that caters to small and medium businesses for website and app development needs.

If you are looking for an development company to help you create a developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Data Science, CMS, Progressive Web Apps in the Industrial, Manufacturing, Transportation, Automotive sectors, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you take your business to the next level.

Franc values Time & Quality

We are second to none and our team is flexible to upsize/downsize at anytime depending on project size, timelines, environment and customer preferences. Numerous startups and corporate companies have engaged us to see their delivery times decrease by 5X.

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Our Services

End-to-end IT services include software development, maintenance, and modernization using a methodical approach that keeps clients in the loop at every stage.

Web Development

Our best-in-line web development services, ranging from mobile web designs, custom websites, static and dynamic websites, and platform engineering to intranet experiences, bring significant value to our clients and deliver tangible business results in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Mobile App Development

We build blazing-fast mobile apps that offer stellar user experiences across screens without sacrificing look and feel. Our R&D goes all out to tailor the mobile app you need for your iOS and Android users across industries like Healthcare, EdTech, Fintech, mCommerce, and more.

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development solutions meet your specific needs and goals, giving you an edge over others. Our end-to-end software development services include planning, designing, developing, and testing to launching, relieving you of the pressures of handling complex SDLCs.

Big Data Services

Data-centric solutions to unearth hidden correlations and patterns—enabling cost savings, streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and untapped profits. And also encompass big data strategy, real time big data processing services, machine learning, data platform management, and analytics


Our DevOps services include selecting the right DevOps model, environment configuration, end-to-end testing, continuous integration, automated deployment across IT processes, maintenance and monitoring, reliable support solutions, and DevOps consulting.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated offshore developers with expertise in Frontend, Backend, UI/UX, QA, Testing, DevOps, Digital Marketing, etc. Our experts will work exclusively on your project, with undivided attention, to manage the entire development lifecycle as per your needs.

Our Products


Fluxus is the data platform of choice for enterprises leading change towards a digital future. Originally designed to be a replacement to paper-pen based tasks, the platform now includes data auditing, dataset cleanup and management, process and reporting automation at companies in manufacturing, transport and logistics.


Dedupe extends Fluxus data cleaning even further augmenting cleanups of difference in flat-files, csv, nodal and sql databases. Companies in the e-commerce, finance and data processing sector continue to use Dedupe system as part of their core data pipelines.

About Us

Franc is a software development company.

The team has over 5 years experience in delivering data management apps, CMS websites, and data analytics projects to education, manufacturing, transport, automotive and logistics sector.

Our team has worked with $3B enterprises for their Proof of Concepts, bootstrapped startups for their first MVPs and mid-tier companies for their websites, data management and apps needs.

Our Happy Clients

The aspect of having a project manager and a senior engineer overseeing our teams work and on deck to manage development made our lives easy. Their code was neat and they follow deadlines strictly. We are glad we chose Franc to partner with and will continue the partnership for a long time.

James S, Stealth Startup @ San Jose, CA

Prior to partnering with Franc, we had a project that seemed to be never ending. Our team was finding it too hard to keep on track and finish them on time. After our partnership, they presented us with a clear plan and completed the project on time with reasonable costs. We strongly recommend Franc.

Andrea M, Epsilon Research LLC


Providing  cutting-edge technology services to diversified verticals


With decades of education industry experience, We can seamlessly blend technology processes to solve challenges or bring innovative products to market.


We delivers custom solutions that ensure value and deliver return on investment to facilitate processes in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

Transportation & Warehousing

We experts can deliver innovative tools (both mobile and web based) that are loaded with features making them a go-to solution for the travel industry.

SaaS & Software Vendors

We delivers end-to-end software development, quality assurance, and support solutions to ISVs ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups in all stages of funding.


Custom software from we enables manufacturers to leverage responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, efficient production planning, and remote asset management.

Retail & Ecommerce

Turn retail or e-commerce projects into a sales-making machine with Franc’s solutions for a seamless customer experience across in- or near-store, web, or mobile channels.

Why Choose


We use custom teams to help businesses scale their development & design capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is offshore software development?

Offshore software development means transferring your project operations to another team, usually located in a country far from yours. So, when you outsource, your offshore team takes care of daunting tasks like team management, software solutions, timelines, etc., while you rest easy. Sure, there are cultural and timezone differences between you and your offshore team. But, these are no longer a problem now. Courtesy qualified remote developers equipped with desired technical skills and a strong command of English for successful collaboration.

How does offshore development work at Franc?

We keep it simple for you. We start by reviewing your project requirements. We then let you choose between our flexible hiring models. You may choose to buy blocks of time with our hourly hiring model. Or you may select our remote developers on a full-time basis. Or you may want to ask for a fixed-price quote for your specific project. Once you finalize your hiring model, we commence work. Whichever model you choose, our focus is to ensure you get what you want and within the time you wish to, in all perfection.

Can I directly talk to my developers?

Absolutely. We encourage you to interact with dedicated developers and even supervise them to align them to your needs. We recommend you schedule an upfront call with your developers to discuss your project in detail and clarify doubts so that you know where your team is headed and watch your goals get achieved.

How do you protect our intellectual property?

We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) before starting any project. So, your ideas, strategies, and other assets remain strictly confidential. CN also enters into stringent employment agreements and performs background checks with every employee. Through these agreements, Capital Numbers obtains exclusive ownership of the work created by its employee that works with you. We then provide you with the intellectual property for the work that our employees create for you under our client agreement. This clean, simple pass-through arrangement has worked well for our clients for many years. However, if you would like the developer to sign any additional paperwork, we can ensure that your needs are met.

Why should I hire Franc for software development outsourcing services?

Franc are rated high for our coding standards, friendly support, responsiveness, flexibility, and cost-effective development practices. Our custom software solutions make our clients happy who turn to us for more for their upcoming projects. We’re one of India’s Growth Champions with excellent prospects in this fast-growing economy. In short, both our clients and employees value us for being who we are. And that’s what makes us a trusted partner you can confidently hire and consider building long-term relationships with.

I need a small team of developers. Can you help?

Of course. We understand that each project is different and needs various team sizes to accomplish tasks. Whether you need just one developer or a small team of 2-5 developers, feel free to contact us and share your requirements. We will take it up from there and align you with the best-suited resources for your specific project.

Do you provide custom software development services?

Yes. You can hire offshore web developers from us to build innovative custom software solutions that cater to your specific needs. You can engage our technical experts and developers to dive deep into your project specifics and create solutions unique to yours and nobody else’s.

Will you be able to scale up on demand?

Absolutely. We constantly adapt to your needs. We add resources at short notice if you wish to ramp up during high-volume periods. On the other hand, we ramp down to cut costs during lower demands. We are your trusted partner who lets you stay profitable and flexible as you grow.

What if I don’t like the work of a developer?

It rarely is the case. However, things happen. Suppose you are not happy with the work of your current developer. In that case, we immediately act on it and replace the developer with someone from our talent pool who perfectly fits the role without hampering your project quality.

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