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About Us

Franc is an affordable IT services company that caters to small and medium businesses for website and app development needs.

Franc values time & quality. We are second to none and our team is flexible to upsize/downsize at anytime depending on project size, timelines, environment and customer preferences. Numerous startups and corporate companies have engaged us to see their delivery times decrease by 5X.

Our Services

Design and Development

Our team is able to support small and medium companies with their web application, websites and mobile application needs. Our teams are experts in designing using Sketch, Sigma and developing for React, React Native, NodeJS, Python, Java, WordPress platforms.

Deployment and Operations

We develop apps that ate easy to deploy on the cloud, hybrid or on-premises model. With this knowledge we are able to provide DevOps and Testing as a service to companies that are in need of experts in managing their code and ensuring clean deployment with version management, documentation, CI/CD integration, build automation, code repo management, staging/dev/live pipelines design and management.

Market Research

As a part of building our startup we learned market research the hard way but learn it so well that we are able to offer this as a service to startups and small/medium companies at faster timelines with effective results. The team is able to provide real-time data on development tools, finance technologies, website marketing and SEO, e-commerce, healthcare, education technologies, and data management modelling.

Back Office Operations

Franc had dealt with managing data pipelined and converting text/raw data to client preferred format. If you have data processing tasks that required human intervention, Franc is the best as we know and have worked on both sides of the market. We can guarantee uptime, results and quality to be top-notch. We have served as an extended product-team. data processing team, and developer support team for various clients.

Our Products


Fluxus is the data platform of choice for enterprise leading change towards a digital future. Originally designed to be a replacement to paper-pen based tasks, the platform now includes data auditing, dataset cleanup and management, process and reporting automation at companies in manufacturing, transport and logistics.


Dedupe extends Fluxus data cleaning even further augmenting cleanups of different datasets, in flat-files, csv, nosql and sql databases. Companies in the e-commerce, finance and data processing sector continue to use Dedupe system as part pf their core data pipeline.

Our Happy Clients!

“The aspect of having a project manager and a senior engineer overseeing our teams work and on deck to manage development made our lives easy. Their code was neat and they follow deadlines strictly. We are glad we chose Franc to partner with and will continue the partnership for a long time.”

James S, Stealth Startup @ San Jose, CA

“Prior to partnering with Jobkademy, we had a project that seemed to be never ending. Our team was finding it too hard to keep on track and finish them on time. After our partnership, they presented us with a clear plan and completed the project on time with reasonable costs. We strongly recommend Franc.”

Andrea M, Epsilon Research LLC

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